Thursday, January 26, 2012

About Moi

About The Artist: Baylee R. Mann

Hello fellow artists and lovers of art. I am an artist from Ocala Florida. I am currently in my 3rd year of Commercial Art classes at my High School. What inspires me is the ability to create new people through paintings, with stories to tell and emotions to share. I try my best to convey the emotion of the setting I create. To tell a thousand stories with no words at all is what it’s about for me. Due to the fact that I love to paint and convey people, those who view my artwork will ask me who I painted or who I convey, my response is the name of the painting, I name every subject and give them a story within my mind.If you paint people who already exist and have stories' then you’re more copying then inventing, I much rather invent. I am also to be considered an earthy person, so when that is mixed with ‘artist’ you can only imagine. My favorite artist by far is Leonardo De Vinci. His ability to capture the moment and the skill he portrayed are remarkable. I also love to read, so add me on

I love creating concp such as the Hands That Make It Happen, more artwork like this is soon to come.
I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork, and feel free to leave comments along with some credentials(if you have any.) I love to know what people think.